It’s alive! Get the game here. 

It’s alive! Get the game here

A fitting tribute.

A fitting tribute.



Some may find the process complicated while others find it as a no brainer…well…here’s a rundown of our experience as we head to the finish line that’s slowly becoming visible.

  1. Outline
  2. Review, trash, redo outline
  3. Finalize outline
  4. Hire Artist/Animator
  5. Review Sprites & Sprite-sheets
  6. Request touch-ups
  7. Realize you needed more than you initially asked for
  8. Request further animation/artwork
  9. Finalize
  10. Hire Programmer
  11. Test code
  12. Re-test code
  13. Request touch-ups to errors
  14. Test again
  15. Request crashing issues are resolved
  16. Test code
  17. Become lost in thought
  18. Test code again out of paranoia
  19. Upload to App store
  20. Wait……..

We’re currently at step 16…so it’s safe to say the development continues, we may have more to add soon. Stay tuned.

Ready to get our hands on one of these…

Ready to get our hands on one of these…


Random Thoughts…

And this is a brief one, but it’d be nice to see/use/have a Retina iMac, and this post has us substantially intrigued.


If the iPhone were to look anything like this I’m sold…then again we’ll be sold on the new iPhone regardless, looking forward to this Fall.

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Absolutely inspiring.


So…this will be weird…

Well, not really this is essentially the first post of our blog so maybe it’s best to just say “Stay tuned”.